#1 In Studio Training

I or my team can come to you. Typically the Management Module takes about 20 hours of the key principles to make the studio successful. This part is the most important. If you don’t understand the WHY, nothing your staff do will have long term effects. While your staff may also attend at no extra cost, this part does not deal with the teaching part or the front desk training. Those modules depend on how many staff you have, In the Teachers Module I observe each of your teachers teach their classes and can do a one on one followup or a general training session for all.  Typically the general staff training takes about 5 hours. The Front Desk Module is your second most important part. It is the nerve center through which ALL of your customers pass and their first contact with your studio. In this module we will cover the most important aspects- especially the Info Call, Up-selling your services, and managing problems before they become serious.. If you are serious about becoming the best, we can bring our team and complete the entire program in 2 days.

#2 Training over Skype/Webinars

 If you are a small studio and have specific questions on just one aspect, Live Conferencing can save a lot in flying me in and a hotel room. If you don’t have a weekend that works you can tape our conversations and share with staff later. Using your own BIG TV, a computer, Chromecast or Apple TV, or a whole series of laptops, we can train all of your group and make it interactive. 

#3 Travel/Party With Us on our First Ever Dance & Training Cruise from Hawaii— May 5th-12th, 2019

Sail with us from Hawaii and let us “babysit” your students with great dance lessons. At the same time you will have daily access to our ExT Management Module taught by Enio Cordoba & Terryl Jones, DVIDA Teacher Training from 7 time US Latin Champion Ron Montez, and West Coast Swing GPDIA Professional Teaching Skills from 7 time US Open Champion Robert Cordoba. This training will be included in the cost of the cruise at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! If you would like, PRIVATE Coaching or Certification Exams from DVIDA or GSPDIA will be available at additional charge. Checkout Pacific Dance Adventures

 #4 Training Events at Local or Regional Competitions

Your students are competing at a local event. This is one way to get training and still support everyone. We have had successful events previously in California at the Emerald Ball and Desert Classic. If you would like us to come to your area, organize a group of professionals and let us know.  

Dance Workshops / Coaching For Your Studio

As champion dancers in competitive dancing with over 40 years experience in International, American, West Coast Swing, & Salsa. We can energize your studio with group ensemble production numbers, individual coaching and performances that will enthrall your students.

Updating Your Teaching.

The ballroom world is a very slow changing behemoth. We don’t like to hear it, but the terms Ballroom Swing & Ballroom Salsa are not terms of endearment. Our industry’s idea of what social dancing is, is seriously skewed. When your students go out dancing, you are more likely to LOSE THEM than have other people say “Wow! I want to learn that!” We’ll show you how to MONETIZE street style dancing because by the time the online teaching or DVDs are on the market you have missed the wave of new business.


Are You Happy With the Amount of Business Your Studio is Doing?…

Too many studios are closing, independents from Europe and Asia have changed the playing field. Don’t be the next studio to hang a Going Out Of Business sign. Let me energize your studio, your staff, your students, but most of all YOU!

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What We Do Best

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Management Training

Closed Studio? Independents? Hybrid Studio? Where to advertise. So many new options. Problem teachers/students. High Turnover. We'll easily solve all of these questions and more!

Front Desk Training

The first contact point of your clients. These employees are the most important cog in your operation. The difference between getting rich and going broke. Are you still hiring McDonalds rejects?

Teacher Training

We'll teach them how to build and manage huge money making classes and how to convert them to consistent private students. We analyze the weaknesses in their teaching methods. We don't change what you teach, just how you teach.

We Can Also Do These too

Location Advice

Before you sign that 10 year lease, call me and learn about why the normal rules of brick and mortar stores don't apply to dance schools. Parking, customer safety at night and price all have to come together FIRST. I'll help you think of options you never thought of that could cost hundreds less per month in rent.

Studio Layout

I've been designing dance spaces for 30 years. There so many simple common mistakes owners make that hold them back from becoming successful. Creating a fabulous space, with great flow through your front desk nerve center that makes students want to hangout .

Sound System Design

Sound equipment changes every day. It evolves. Several simple planning steps will make you the most professional teachers in town and your students learn easier. Sound is NOT plugging an iPod into a speaker.
Sound is 50% of what you are selling don't blow it here.

Getting Permits & CUPS

You sign your lease and THEN find out some bluenose curmudgeon on the planning commission thinks dancing is the "devil's playground". I'll show you how I beat the toughest planning commissions TWICE and became the "favorite son" business model they held up as the gold standard to other new businesses.

Design Assistance

One big room? Many small rooms? Movable walls? Flooring options, very expensive bathroom remodels. YIKES! So many possibilities. Some shortcuts or alternatives will save you money some will end up very unworkable. I'll help you navigate these.

Construction Pitfalls

Beware the change order! I built out my own $1.6 million building. I made several newbie mistakes. they cost me plenty. Learn from what I did and don't repeat these very expensive mistakes. ADA compliance, contractors that don't show up. I'll help

We can help you with...

Building Your Student Base 100%
Increasing Privates 80%
Student Retention 75%
Greater Profits 100%

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