Do Your classes
Look Like This?

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Dance 10, Business 3

Adapted from Chorus Line

You trained with the best teachers to become a great DANCER. Who trained you to be become a SUCCESSFUL business owner? Dancer-Teacher-Owner. 3 different sets of skills required

I can show you how to triple your student body, spend much less to get new students, and double your profit. All for less than you spent to learn one dance routine. The dance business is evolving, too many studios are closing because they are still running like studios from another era. Let me help you.

Study This Picture Carefully. What's Different Than Your Studio?

Never Before! 

Hawaii to West Coast Party Cruise 

Combined with Something For Management, Teachers and Students!

Master Studio Management

Imagine a Party Dance cruise combined with revolutionary Studio Management Techniques, Teacher Training, and Classes and Dancing For Your Students by Master trainers Enio Cordoba & Terryl Jones. Champion Dancers with over 40 years experience each, Specialty- building huge classes.   Add Hawaii- Nuff Said! 


DVIDA is the new standard for dance training. Ron Montez is the absolute Master Trainer. 2 hours daily of great usable materials for your teachers. As only Ron Montez can! Start your way towards judging certification. And best of all- these classes included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

2019 west Coast Swing w/ Robert Cordoba

The fastest growing dance in the world! Period! If you are not teaching the new style you will be left behind. West Coast has evolved more in the last 5 years than in the first 60 years. Learn how easy it is to teach this new style from 7 Time US Open Champ Robert Cordoba. GPDIA certification will be available.